February 14, 2011

happy love day

today is the day of love! how exciting! unfortunately clint and i don't get to spend time together today but we had our day together yesterday, and what a day it was!

well it started by clint coming to pick me up for church with a dozen roses in hand *heart melting*

{one of my roses}

we headed off to church. it was a great service and was also a sea of pink in support of a little girl in church who just had a heart transplant due to congenital heart failure. after church we were trying to figure out what to do, you have to understand that the college i go to is completely surrounded by fields the closest city is half and hour away and clint and i don't really plan our days we just go with the flow. so we decided to head into town and go for sushi because we both love sushi! when we got there we were the only people there it was nice we could just talk and enjoy being together. well five minutes later and elder couple come up, they started knocking on the door of the restaurant, they proceed to come in asking if anyone's home. the elderly couple gets seated and order but it doesn't end there, from what i could gather they were hard of hearing because they were shouting at each other but they didn't come across as angry. we got our sushi and enjoyed it greatly, trying very hard not to pay to much attention to the elderly couple, but it was very hard. we left and could not help but laugh they were very entertaining. after sushi we decided to take in the beautiful weather and go for a walk. there were puddles everywhere, and we were just in light sweaters, this is very odd for a february in manitoba! after our walk we went to one of my dear friends grandpas funeral, it was the most beautiful funeral i have ever been to. there was so much hope and joy, knowing that their father/ grandfather was with Jesus which is where he had always wanted to be. after the funeral we decided to go for supper, it was that time of day, and we went to a restaurant that we had never been but had always said we would like to go to and good thing we did. it was fabulous! sorry for poor pictures, my cell phone isn't fashioned with the latest camera

{clint had bison rib - it was massive}
{i had fish-so yummy}

after our wonderful dinner we were heading to a worship night at the church, on our journey there it just so happened that clint and i were the first one to the scene of an accident. one van had rear ended the other in the middle of the highway. there was a 15 passenger van with 12 people in it and the other van had one person. neither of them had cell phones so i called 911, as im doing that i find out that the people in the big van don't speak english. so it was a task to get them to stay seated until the paramedics got there because they couldn't understand me and 10 of the passengers were kids! once the emergency people came no one would let us know if we were able to leave (we didn't witness anything we just were the first people there) so i got out of the truck interrupted a police and asked if we were needed anymore, we got our information said we could leave. after leaving the accident we continued on our way to the worship night we got there about 40 minutes late but we had good reason.

the day ended up being quiet eventful and something we will not forget!

i'm leaving you with a picture that i like of clint and i its from last summer while we were watching the sun set one evening.
hope your valentines days are wonderful and you know you are loved by God the creator of all!

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness."
Jeremiah 31:3

"For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever."
Psalm 117:2

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day ( a bit late - oops!) Just popped over from Scrapbook Challenges - you should check out the Valentine's thread (GTKY Monday) in the forum this week :)


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