February 9, 2011


the sun is shining, the snow is glistening this makes for a beautiful day!
on my to do list today
  1. write two papers
  2. clean/organize
  3. read for class
also i get to babysit today, which i really enjoy doing. its nice to get away from campus sometimes and spend time with someone not my age. we get to stack blocks and play with the dog, or sometimes she just naps and i do some homework. either way i just enjoy it.

i had mentioned before that i was making a surprise (that sounds kinda funny, oh well)
i finished it!


clint and i celebrated our one year dating anniversary this past weekend!
we said that instead of buying presents we would make presents, there is just something so wonderful about handmade gifts from loved ones.
i had never done hand stitching before but i really enjoyed it.

thanks for stopping by.

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