February 2, 2011

welcome february

well yesterday was just a crazy day! it was wonderful to be greeted with a kiss of -43 from the winter air so early in the morning walking to class. i'm just very glad that it wasn't windy other wise it would have been unbearable. it just allows me to realize how blessed i am with a warm home, cozy clothes, and yummy soup!

after making the trek back from my classes to my cozy room, i was so blessed to have a little message in my room!
{lovely surprise}

{sweet message}

i keep asking who left it but no one seems to know or my dear friends are just not telling me. either way such a sweet little pick me up on a cold winters day. such a great way to warm my heart.

i also finished my surprise that i talked about here i will post pictures and the story that goes along with it later this week.

thanks for stopping by.

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