February 7, 2011

happy monday

well missio dei has come and gone. there were tons of great artsy things made for the art auction. my pile of cards shrunk, which is a great thing because it means that a a bit more money was raised to go toward the building of a home for a family in need.
here are some of the cards i made for the art sale.

{button tree}

{just a little note}
{owl always love you}

a lovely little purchase i made
{put it to great use right away}
and having two of the lovelies means coffee and/or tea times with me!

25 by 25 update
#11- start selling my handmade goodies: has been done, just need to keep it going

i just got back from sledding... pitch black + ice covered snow + two foot drop off = ouch!
time to warm up and get some sleep.

have a great week friends.

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