February 18, 2011

my first giveaway!

well yesterday and today there was a huge snow storm! everyone in dorm was wishing for a snow day and when we woke up we checked the road conditions. the highways were closed but school was still open! ugh!

but on with this post.

today i am sharing a how to make your own note book

{find some card board that will be the cover of the note book, i used a cracker box}

{find some paper that you want for the outside of the note book and glue it on, easy peasy}
{all covered up, the inside too}
{cut paper down to size, slightly smaller than the cover, also find yarn or string to bind it together, i used hemp}

{punch holes in paper, line up and mark the spots on the cover, punch holes in the cover too}

{weave the string through the wholes, then add any embellishment you wish}
{i inked the pages inside}
{this is the final product}
i have linked this up over at along for the ride
hope you will enjoy making your own notebooks.... or you can win one here from me.
{this is the one you could win}
how to enter/ rules to follow
  • become a public follower of my blog
  • leave a comment with a way to contact you
  • post about it on your blog with a link
  • the winner will be posted march 1st



  1. This is adorable! I would love this!!

  2. What a cute journal! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & entering my giveaway! I'm following your blog now!

  3. Great idea! My 6 yr. old daughter goes through notebooks like crazy. I love this idea because I can make her art books which are much much cheaper than buying them. She prefers drawing on non-lined pages :-)

    I am now a follower :-) (click on my name to find me)

  4. I love that you found my blog! This is such a cute idea! (I just had my first giveaway last week!) I love your creativity!

  5. Such a cute idea! It'd be perfect for jotting down crafty ideas and artworks <3

    (P.S. I was reading your 25 by 25 - if you do come to Australia and end up in Adelaide, you'll have to give me a shout! ;))

  6. I love the music one. I think I will try this out for my daughter's theater directors present! CUTE.

  7. Great idea. and sooo cute.
    I am starting my own linky party ToDaY! It's the first one. I would love it if you would participate! It's called $10 Tuesdays and it's for things that cost less than $10 and take 20-30 mins (ish) to complete. I love inexpensive and quick projects and I'm guessing others will too ;) Thanks so much for considering.
    Tina Watschke

  8. How cute I've got tons of ideas to make


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