May 31, 2011

caramel macchiato & a fire place please!

Hello friends!!

Oh how I wish so much that we could have a real coffee/tea/breakfast date today! The weather it blech and all I want to do is sit in a coffee shop(with a fire place) and chatter away.

I would tell you that I love work a lot but yesterday I was covered in boogers, and unknown substances. I guess that's the way it goes at day care right?! Also kids say the most hilarious things. At our day care we encourage kids to talk to each other if they are having an issue instead of instantly telling on them. Well one little girl had stepped on another and they both came running over to me crying. I told them that they needed to talk to each other first. The girl who had been stepped on said, " Ya know it make me really sad when you step on me. I have bones in my body you know and if you step on me it will hurt me. I also don't like being your friend when you do that." I just had to sit back and smile. Then they went running off laughing.

I would also tell you that I was at a double bridal shower last night! So much fun! I love seeing all the presents that people get. I am also needing to make an appetizer for work on Wednesday for a 'going on maternity leave party' any ideas? Any good recipes? I was thinking hummus or mango salsa with stuff to dip but, I would love ideas too!

One last thing! I would tell to just brag on my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure he is the best! I love him so much and each day I am falling more in love with him. He is just the sweetest.


oh ps... check this out!
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  1. yes! a coffee break sounds lovely! it's stormy here today:(
    ah, the endless snot and entertainment that is daycare work. i'm sure those kids are blessed to have you!
    happy tuesday!

  2. talk to each other... so simple yet I never thought of it.... I'm so going to start doing that with my kids now, no more refereeing for me!!

  3. Thanks for coffee : ) your work sounds like hard work, I'm not sure I could do what you do, but as long as you enjoy it, that is the main thing xxx

  4. oh i remember the days of working on a preschool!! i loved it :) sounds like you have been just covered in fun!!

  5. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    I came across this recipe in a magazine the other day (not the exact recipe, but the same idea, and thought it sounded interesting!)

  6. Thanks for the coffee! Yeah daycare work is not for me. I love MY kids, but not so much everyone else's lol

  7. I'm liking the "talking it out" method ... might need to put to use at home. I get a little worried about the tattle tale syndrome. I know some grown-ups that need to practice the "talk it out" method. HA!

    Thanks for coffee, and hopefully the kids keep the boogies to themselves tomorrow.

  8. i love both hummus and mango salsa, yum. i don't think you can ever go wrong with chips and salsa though! : ) what a sweet idea for someone about to have a baby! thanks for coffee!

  9. sorry i'm a little late getting around to virtual coffee - was out of town! but so glad i dropped by! i love that idea of having the kids talk to each other first - and i just loved what that little one said. so cute and honest!


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