May 18, 2011

what i love - shoe edition

Hello friends!!

Happy middle of the week to ya! I woke up thinking it was Tuesday but was pleasantly surprised that it was Wednesday.

Oh Boy so for this weeks What I love Wednesday I am sharing all about shoes, but not just any kind of shoes, Toms shoes! I have picked out a few of my favorites!!

mmm Olive yes please!

burlap, oh my golly! so perfect!
Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with this color right now? Well I am!

I have these beauts coming to me in the mail right now! Woo Hoo!
I would love to get ever classic shoe there (I'm a size 6, wink wink).

And what I love most about these show is the amazing cause!

Happy day!


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  1. I have the bottom ones in navy. They're awesome! The soles are a little thicker and more durable than the average TOMS. Good choice!


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