May 4, 2011

help me

Hello friendly friends!

I am in need of some help.

First - All my blogs I follow are no longer showing up in my dashboard. * sad face * They still show up in google reader but that's it... what do i do to get them back?!!

Second - I am coming up to my 100th post very soon and I will be listing off 100 random facts about moi. So now would be a great time to ask any questions you so wish... I'm a very open person so ask away either in comments or you can email me at



  1. The blogs that I follow sometimes don't show up either. I just refresh the page, or close the page. Then I get back on it later. That works for me! :)

  2. I know sometimes mine disappear but then come back...I wonder if yours will???

  3. mine too... just close it out and reopen. Good luck to you.


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