May 30, 2011

the most perfect date

How was everyone's weekend? For all the Americans, Happy Memorial Day.

This weekend Clint and I had the most perfectest perfect date! It wasn't all fancy pants but it was perfect and lovely in every way.

We stopped to grab some cafe mocha's because it was a wee bit chilly out.We headed out to a field road and sat in the back of the truck sipping our mocha's, watched the sun set, and listened to the birds, crickets, frogs and what ever was rustling in the grass beside us. I loved every minute of it!I love spending time with my most favorite person.
I love that we both love nature and enjoy Gods beautiful and vast creation.
I love the way we date and that we don't need the fancy pants stuff. It's the little, simple things.
Once most of the storm clouds rolled in we left. But it was the most beautiful, wonderful time.


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  1. oh...that last shot is really lovely :)

  2. i agree...the last shot caught my eye... especially with the telephone poles that look like crosses in the background God is there, all we have to do is look for Him.

    thanks for stopping by the other day! :) blessings to you.

  3. I love the pictures of the trees against the end of sunset, absolutely beautiful, really moving to look at.


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