July 19, 2011

*Bring Hope Home*

good morning friends!

If we were meeting for coffee or having a little visit I would not be able to resist telling you about the Wells family.They have been through so much, yet live to glorify Christ through it all.
Read Ben and Mattie have to share.

We (Ben and Mattie) met in 2004 while volunteering at a Sweetheart Banquet on Valentine's Day to raise money for missions. First and foremost we love the Lord and our family. Ben is an avid outdoors-man and works as a probation/parole officer. Mattie has worked in a school in one form or another for 7 years, but just recently was led to be a part of the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

We had always thought of adoption as something we would do, but we weren’t sure of the timeline that God had planned for us. Over the course of the past four years, God has taught us so much from our biological children and one of the things we have learned is to always trust the Lord in everything. His timing is perfect. Our first child, Ethan, is 4 years old and is such an amazing kid. God taught us love like we had never known when he was born. Our daughter, Shyla Joy, was stillborn in 2009 due to undiagnosed blood clotting disorders. God showed us his comfort and strength through this time in our lives. A ministry for grieving parents was created through our pain and I (Mattie) began blogging at a blog now called, “Beauty Will Rise“. He showed us that family takes many shapes and forms and that although our family is separated by the veil of Heaven, we are still family. Love makes a family...not the picture on the mantle. Our littlest child, Jakin Isaac, was also born to Heaven in November of 2010. He was perfect in every way, except his little heart began beating too quickly and just could not go on forever like that. We asked God to heal it and He did by taking him home to Heaven. We were again comforted by God’s love and strength and again found comfort in reaching out to other parents. Before Jakin was born, we began talking more about adoption and feeling God leading our hearts in that direction. We felt the time was drawing close for us to begin the adventure of adoption and agreed that we would begin interviewing agencies the summer after Jakin was due to be born, but God had different plans. After Jakin went to Heaven, God began letting us know our time was nearing.

We signed our first piece of paper in January and have endured many ups and downs in the process, but we know in the end that wont matter. At this point, we have literally done all we can do and it is out of our hands. Our home study and all related paperwork was completed and just waiting to be sent to South Korea when we got word that the quota's for this year have been fulfilled and we more than likely have to wait until late fall to see any movement. At first, this was very disappointing, but then we saw it as God taking it out of our hands. All we have to do is wait. God has given us this time to begin adjusting our lives for our new arrival and work on the plan that we have to try our very best to adopt debt free.

Mattie is blogging about our adoption journey at Bring Hope Home.

We appreciate any donations along the way, but mostly we covet your prayers for God’s wisdom and peace to be with us along this road!


What an amazing story that I'm sure touch each of our hearts.

Please join together and support this family in what ever way you are able to.
sending them encouraging words as they step out in faith.

There will be an amazing online auction going on to raise funds to Bring Hope Home.
It will run from July 25 - 30 so be sure to follow along there so you don't miss out.
Also would you be so kind to spread the word?


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  1. Awww, shucks! Thank you so much for spreading the word! It's almost here!!!


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