July 5, 2011

took a hike

Good morning friends!

This past weekend was full of adventure.
Going on a hike with my love was one of the fun things we did.

wild flowers * beautiful paths * pocket full of sunshine
We had never hiked these trails before and just started following the little signs with the suns on them.
Little did we know that we were taking the longest most challenging trail.

i love wild flowers * love* taking a brake at the look out tower
The view from the top of the trail was absolutely stunning!

for those of you who think that there are no trees or hills in Manitoba... ehm take a little look
We ended our hike with a yummy picnic! I love picnics, they are a summer must!

ketchup chips* homemade iced coffee * yummy sweet strawberries

ps. happy one year five months babe!
hee hee so much cheese!

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  1. what a sweet little adventure! I really loved your "pocket full of sunshine".


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