July 5, 2011

imperfect beauty

Good morning friends!
I would love if you could all come over and we could sit on the back deck sipping homemade iced coffee on this hot summer day.
We could listen to the birds chirp about.
Enjoy the smiles of the flowers and the radiant array of colours dancing about.
If we were lucky we may be able to see a butterfly or two.

Clint and I came across this butterfly while we were hiking this past weekend.
I love it.

It's beautiful.
still so perfectly intricate.
yet broken.

My heart was touched by this butterfly.
it's imperfect beauty.
it will not be forgotten.

What little things have you been seeing around that have touched your hearts?



  1. Pretty! I think it's imperfection is what makes it beautiful!

  2. pretty, i love butterflies, we saw a lot this weekend. we were at my parent's cabin over the weekend and we found a little toad too, the kids loved it and so did i! : )

  3. beautiful! how special you got to see that!!

  4. may be missing a piece, but it can still fly... there's true wisdom in this :) thank you!


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