July 12, 2011

weekend adventure

This past weekend was a fun filled weekend. Clints fam jam all got together and headed to the city for an eventful weekend.
There were lots of fun activities planned however I was stuck doing this.

crocheting * warm honey lemon water * my cozy
I was sick in bed. I had gone to the clinic because I didn't want to be down in the dumps all weekend. The doctor said I had an infection, he tested me for strep but it wasn't that thank goodness. After he told me that though he told me that I may have mono.... WHAT?! no way I, Amber Branconier, do not get such things! Plus I work at a day care so all my sicknesses come from snotty nosed kids, why would they have mono? But after resting the weekend away I am feeling much better and will not be going back to get tested for mono.

ps. isn't the dinosaur blanket that i snuggled with all weekend the greatest?!
I did manage to make it to the children's museum on sunday it was lots of fun!
smiley face slide * face imprints
sleepy baby * milk wallwater station * splash time


  1. Ohhhh...I'm so sorry you got sick and missed out on all the fun but glad it wasn't mono! Two of my kids had mono and it was NO FUN!! My 7 year old son couldn't participate in gym or play on the playground at recess for a MONTH due to an enlarged spleen! And my teen missed a ton a school and ended up with piles of homework that she was too tired to work on!

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2011

    What a fun little museum! glad to see you awaking your inner child! did you go by yourself or with the daycare? :)

    By the way, your LOVELY little note came in the mail today, and I missed you all over again! Can't wait to see you - and if you're ever in the area by chance, let me know!!

    love you Ambie, and feel BETTER!!



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