January 30, 2012

recipe: coffee syrups

so on friday i posted simple blessings in my life
one of which was being able to make my own coffee syrup

i had several people asking for the recipe
so here it is!
it is super duper simple and will allow you have more money in your pocket
instead of spending your hard earned cash on lattes
i also found this fun picture showing how to make some of my favorite coffee beverages.
hope you find it helpful as well.{source}

have a happy and lovely monday friends!


  1. yum! that's a great idea, Amber :) thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I cant wait to make my own :)

  3. yummy! I make my own syrup as well :) super easy, and just as delicious. A friend of mine just posted a quick recipe on how to make a caramel one, that I think I'll try this weekend. Oh, and I mailed out your swap package yesterday! Hopefully you'll get it before Valentine's Day!!!


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