January 16, 2012

blessing in disguise?

we haven't had water since friday.
my apartment looks like this...

all the contents of the laundry/storage room are strewn across the house.
for those of you who know me personally probably know that
having things out of place causes me to have very high anxiety! {ocd much?}
i know that those things need to be out of the room since the plumbers are working in there
and there is likely chance that everything could get dirty and wet,
but i just can't handle it!

on the plus side
i am staying with a friends for the time being
i don't have to look at my disaster of a house
i have become much more grateful that i am an fortunate enough to have running water, flushing toilets, and a shower!
so maybe this is just a blessing in disguise?

if you think of it please pray that everything gets figured out.
my landlords have two young children and
i think they would really like to just be back at home.


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  1. oh no! it must be so hard to not have water! i love your attitude though :)



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