January 26, 2012


this past weekend was crazy and fun!


my momma and i went to the wonderful wedding show.
it was interesting to say the least.
it wasn't really my style but it was fun none the less.

my brother is opening up a restaurant and i am super excited about it!
clint, mom and myself went to look at the renos that he has been doing all.by.himself.
and it is looking great!!
if you live in the winnipeg area or are coming to visit after april check it out!
Arkadash Bistro and Lounge

then we all went out for supper at a french bistro
(thanks momma)


went on a lovely date with Clint.
we went to an antique mall...
if i didn't have budget i would have bought so many pretty things!!

we then went out for supper with friends
(payment for doing our engagement pics for FREE)
it was a fun asian bistro
with yumm-o food!!
they are fantastic!
lynnette is on of my bridesmaids and marc is our m.c.

we got fortune cookies at the end and this was Clint's.... maybe we will win a honeymoon from the wedding show i was at??

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  1. Hi swap friend!!! Just wanted to stop over and say hello :) SO excited to go shopping for you today! hugs all around to you and your beautiful heart...I've spent a good part of today searching all of your old blog posts!


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