January 12, 2012

my life this week according to my phone

as i write this post it is almost friday.
earlier today i was thinking about how slow this week has gone by but
i just realized that its almost friday, when did this happen?

this week was the start of my final semester!
i don't know if i should be super excited {which i tell everyone i am} or terrified.
where have the last four years gone?
am i supposed to be all grown up now that i have a degree?
what i do know is that i love starting a new notebook there is just something about it.
am i alone on this?i love this guy!
i'm not really sure if i am able to say that enough.
although you are probably getting sick of it by now.
but i have been told to treasure this time of being engaged.
the 'in between' stage and that is exactly what i am doing!my favorite
enough saidthe smell of a freshly opened bag of coffee beans.
that is what my heaven will smell like, and maybe my grandmas bakingcute bows for hair? yes please!
making it that morning because it just went so well with the outfit...
that may have happened
i love my new blog header!
so thankful for amazing friends who take amazing pictures!!
the words 'forever and always' that is what marriage is to be. a
and it is such a great reminder.
have a fantastic weekend friends!
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  1. I love your blog header! It's soo cute!

  2. love the new look, girl! and that bow is super cute :) looks like a great week for sure!

  3. great post! love the forver and always! great reminder about many things!

  4. When I came to your blog the first thing I said to myself was, "I love her blog header!" Seriously, so cute!

    Also... new notebooks are my favorite and I also love getting snail mail.

    Stopping by from the link up! =)

  5. Love the blog header! I love starting a new notebook too!!

  6. I hope you are not meant to be grown up when you have a degree. I am waaaay past graduation and still growing up :)

  7. New notebooks are my absolute favorite! The new slate, the cleanliness, it's just magical! You will do fine in your final semester, and the transition into "adulthood". Enjoy the journey :)

  8. The blog header is awesome! I love it. I also take joys in bussing out a new notebook. No matter how much I love technology, there is still something so compelling about a notebook, moleskin or composition book.

  9. What a darling blog header! LOVE your photos!

  10. stopped by from "aisle to aloha". the blog header is GORGEOUS!!

  11. yes, your header is ADORABLE! and love the bow, too:)

  12. I am so with you on "loving the header." It is genius! & i also love the bow underrr the bun, it makes the whole bow and bun look appropriate for us older than 8! Thanks, because I do still love bows at 19!!! I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  13. I love that bow! Super cute! I wish I was crafty!


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