January 3, 2012

adventuring we will go

i love spending time with clint.
it doesn't really matter what we are doing we always have fun together.
over the holidays we were able to spend time together e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. and it was fantastic!
it was great talking about the future, looking back on our past two years together and enjoying the stage we are in right now, engagement. i loved waking up and being able to have morning coffee together.
i am so looking forward to that happening so much more once we are married. i loved being able to enjoy the stillness the country side with him after having the crazy hustle and bustle of christmas. we were able to go exploring after a fresh blanket of snow. there were so many critter and deer tracks. we even stumbled upon a deer resting but it ran away as soon as he saw us. i have the best exploring partner ever.
i love you clint and can't wait to be your wife!

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