January 22, 2013


15 things im loving

01 my hubs, he is truly the best and i am so blessed
02 stretchy clothes
03 ice, never enough ice
04 #shereadstruth community
05 sunrises that knock my socks off
06 my momma for painting the bebe furniture for us
07 dates with friends
08 bebe kicks
09 my slow cooker
10 bright red toenails
11 my sista and friend for being models for zee shop
12 parenthood {the tv show}
13 fresh sheets on the bed
14 this
15 my body pillow

15 things im excited about

01 getting the bebe room all put together
02 sweet babe clothes folded all tiny and cute
03 ice fishing next weekend
04 spring
05 getting one of these in the mail
06 these new pretties
07 our bebe crib
08 being 10 weeks (ish) away from kissing my baby
09 watching my hubby become a daddy
10 finding out if we are having a boy or girl
11 tulips popping up
12 snow melting
13 longer days
14 my new glasses
15 getting to know you better

15 questions to get to know you better

01 where did you grow up
02 what did you want to be when you grew up
03 tea or coffee
04 chocolate or vanilla
05 kids
06 winter or summer
07 favorite bible verse
08 twitter or instagram
09 favorite blogs to read
10 favorite snack
11 teenage movie star crush
12 song that is stuck on repeat in your head
13 current favorite tv show
14 favorite dessert
15 hobby

my answers

01 middle of nowhere, manitoba, canada
02 mommy
03 both
04 vanilla
05 one on the way
06 both
07 1 thessalonians 5:16-18 is my verse for the year
08 instagram is my favorite (@amber_enns) but i have twitter too (@amberenns)
09 this one, this one and this one
10 right now all i ever want is ice but i do love popcorn
11 josh hartnett
12 this one because we have the album on repeat
13 parenthood
14 Fig Me├žnun this place has the best
15 crocheting

i would love to get to know you better. leave some or all of your answers in the comments with a link back to your blog so i can come say hi! i would also love if you could pop over and fill out this short survey.

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