January 8, 2013

coffee date & link love

good morning. if we were meeting for coffee today i would probably not have a chai latte instead. i have just been craving one for a while now. we could chat about the new year and all the exciting things that this year holds.  i would shared my word for 2013 with you and ask you if you picked a word?  i would tell you about this great community of people who picked a word for the year too. 

if you are still looking for the perfect calendar for 2013 i would share with you this adorable calendar that you can customize from my owl barn. i love owls, do you?

if we were meeting for coffee i would ask if you have heard of the beautiful and talented hannah.
she makes the most adorable earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 
i love everything in her shop and these adorable new necklaces?!
i mean come on, i could take one of each!  
what's your favorite from her shop?

if we were meeting for coffee i may have snuck a few of these into the coffee shop to share with you.  no bake cookies that combine chocolate and peanut butter together, what could be more perfect? 
they would help with the sweet tooth i have developed since being pregnant too. 

 speaking of sweet, i would ask if you were into valentines? i haven't really been in the past because it is so commercialized but if i can find a fun way to celebrate the handmade way why not?
 these plantable valentines are so darling and simple to make too. 
maybe we could spend the afternoon making some?

there is also so many cute free printable valentines and print out there.
these darling prints are all free and way to cute.
there are also adorable prints here, here, here, here, and here.
do you decorate for valentines? i think i might try this year,
now lets see if my hubby will let me hang up these cutesy prints for valentines.

thanks for coffee/tea/latte.
hope you have a fantastic rest of the day and we can meet up again soon. 


linking up with amy and alissa


  1. i love the printables, i am definitely going to print off some of those for the kids for valentine's day. i kind of forgot about no bake cookies but my mom used to make them and i bet my kids would lOVE the, totally making those
    :) thanks for linking up for coffee today!!

  2. Hi there!
    I would so have coffee with you...I'd even break the diet for a lil bit to have bite of that cookie...thanks for bringing the printables, too. You're awesome!
    So happy I met you at Alissa's (wink)


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