January 23, 2013

Coffee Date & Link Love

Good morning! Come on in! Take a seat, would you like coffee or tea? I made some of these cookies would you like 1 or 5? How are you doing these days? What's been on your mind? My mind has been taken over with baby prep. I am getting so antsy now and I still have 9 ish weeks left. This sweet little bundle in my tummy loves to squirm about and stretch out. I am just getting so excited to meet him or her soon. Do you have any advice do you have for a first time momma? I ordered this sweet print for the nursery, I am very excited to hang it up.

Valentines is coming up. What fun things do you have planned? Or do you enjoy the day to stay in and make the day special at home? Clint and I aren't much for making a big deal about Valentines. Do you decorate for Valentines? This is a fun way to leave your special someone a love note, or what about this cute print or this one? I made some cute valentines mug cozies if you want one just pop over here. Ill even give you a special discount code 'coffeelove' for 20% off.

This past weekend Clint and I were visiting family but it was storming so our plans changed a bit.  The freshly fallen snow made everything so crisp and clean! 

All this snow and cold have me thinking about soups and warm comfort food. Want to swap recipes? I am always on the look out for some good healthy recipes. What are some of your favorites? Lately I have really been wanting to go vegetarian again. We will see after baby comes if I can manage to do it. Clint will never become a vegetarian so it makes meal planning a bit more difficult. Here are a few vegetarian recipes I want to try out.

What are your plans for the rest of the week? Anything out of the ordinary happening? I have a survey going on right now. I would really appreciate it if you popped over and filled it out. There is also a giveaway going on over here if you want to win some hooked by amber goodies. I hope that you have enjoyed coffee or tea  with me and that we can do it again some time soon. 


  1. We don't make much of Valentine's day either - I already told D not to get flowers (they are like twice as expensive on V-day!). We might make a special dinner and stay in. I would LOVE to have snow that deep! It's been super cold, but no piles of snow, just a dusting here and there....

  2. I was vegetarian for about 30 minutes and then realized I could never give up Chick-Fil-A. ;) Do y'all have those in Canada?

  3. Wow it is so beautiful there and those recipes look so yummy!


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