January 29, 2013

peppermint tea & thoughts of spring

let's have a coffee date and head to a local coffee shop because my home is infected with cold germs and i would hate for you to get them. i'm going to sip on some peppermint tea with honey, what will you be having? how has this winter been treating you? i am so ready for the cold to go away and the snow to slowly start melting. i am looking forward to going for walks with my little peanut in the fresh spring air. what are your favorite things about spring? i think i will 'plant' tulips along one of our windows soon. i am missing pretty flowers and fresh pops of colour.

the other day while i was getting ready i was think about how we will get to send out a mass text to friends and family to tell them the name and deets about our babes arrival. then i just started bawling my eyes out. i am so so excited and can hardly wait to meet this little munchkin that dances in my womb. this baby is such a blessing and i am learning a good lesson in patience and i'm not even over due (or close to it). plus i still have so much to do before peanut gets here. my sweet momma is painting up the baby furniture so that it all matches. i am very excited to get it back so i can put tiny clothes in the drawers

my sweet hubs is turning 25 pretty soon and i would like to do something special for him but i'm a little bit stumped. i have ideas but don't really know which would be the best to pick or if somehow mixing them all together would be best!? i don't want to share to many details in case he reads this post. he doesn't really read this little bloggity unless i am writing it while he is sitting next to me.  i love this man so much and i am so blessed to have him in my life so i want his day to be extra special!

well i've chatted your ear off. tell me what has been happening with you lately! what new adventures are you embarking on? what have you been learning as of late? are you planning any surprises or ways to bless someone you love, or a just random acts of kindness? is there any way i can pray for you this week? please do let me know i would love to hear from you.

have a blessed week!

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  1. Canadian winters always feel a bit tooooo long..

  2. my husband's birthday is this weekend, which is also super bowl sunday so i am trying to figure out just what we are going to do to celebrate! how much longer until baby arrives? i think waiting on the arrival of your first baby has to be the most exciting time in your life! thanks for coffee today-- i would gladly meet you at a coffee shop we have had wayyy too much sickness ourselves this year. i am over it! have a great day! : )

  3. I can't wait to hear what you decide to do to celebrate. My hubby turns 30 soon and I need some good party ideas.


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