January 25, 2013

little joys: bread, oldies & snow

it's been a busy week. 
it's been an unbelievably cold week.
it's been a fun week. 
clint and i were planning on ice fishing but a storm came and all the roads were blown in
it was a beautiful white, clean winter scene. i also got a lot of crocheting and visiting time in.

 clint and i had one evening to ourselves this week and we both plopped down on the couch. i was crocheting he was playing video games. then he tells me that he is going to die quickly (in the game) so that we could do something together. we decided on boggle. when we were dating we played games a lot so it was fun to play again and it was so sweet of him to be intentional with spending our time together and not just being together.

 got to spend time with my grandparents,
 freezing our butts off, 
going on an adventure in the crazy weather.
 i felt like a little kid again all bundled up and hardly able to move. 
the truck broke down, it was fun! 

 this sweet little loaf of bread made me smile. 
when things are tiny sized they are just better. 

my brother turned 25 this past week
 my grandma brought out some oldies.
 this is my cousin and i 14 or 15 years ago. 

there is a fun giveaway going on over here to win some hooked shop credit.

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  1. I had to comment (I'm from LR) because of the photo of you wrapped up in a scarf. I live in MN and I can relate to that type of fashion/look... haha!

    Your photos are darling and so is your blog, have a great Friday.

  2. I too, live in MN and can appreciate the cold weather accessories. I love the sense of adventure... "the truck broke down, it was fun!" That, right there, makes me love you. Have a great week! xo,ab

  3. That is a darling photo!! I'm your neighbor in WI. Getting a little tired of this cold winter.

  4. This post have me those winter warm and fuzzies. You sound like me! But I forgot about boggle- great game. Thanks for linking up on the photo Friday blog hop. Hope to see you next week and keep warm!!

  5. Love playing boggle - but my Husband always schools me.


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