August 1, 2011

{bubble fun}

happy monday morning to ya!
I'm not sure about my friends from the south aka the states but up here in Canada we have a holiday today!

I thought I would share a fun, easy activity for all ages!

What you need:
- two sticks, or stick like objects
- 2 old shoe lace, yarn or anything of that sort
- bucket
- water
- dish soap

1. tie both strings to the two sticks, one should be much shorter than the other, the other can hang down ( look at the picture i'm brutal at explaining this)
2. add a good squeeze of dish soap to the water in the bucket, it should be nice and bubbly
3. put the stick-string contraption in the soapy water
4. take it out and make big bubbles!

We did this at day care and it was so much fun!



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