August 25, 2011

memory making

hi friends!

this week has been a fun and exciting week, there is so much that will be changing in the next week and realization that summer 'break' is over is finally hitting.

so i have been enjoying my last shifts at daycare. it has been a blast and my co-workers have been fantastic. i have seriously never worked at a more welcoming environment!
at day care there have been forts built
and caterpillars that turned into butterflies that we released.
such an amazing miracle to witness!
i have enjoyed some crafting time

two little girlies celebrated their birthdays the party theme... cupcakes!
there was also a date night thrown in to the mix.
sushi... yum!i love spending time with my man!
he is the bestest!
(ring - sandy a la mode)

have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. How fun are those forts. :) Cute little b-day girls. (love the lips!)
    Love sushi. Now I want some for breakfast...

  2. looks like a fun week! love watching the stages of a butterfly-truly a miracle. and super cute rosettes! love having some craft time!

  3. I so need to learn how to make those cloth roses now that I have a little girl. Have a happy weekend.


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