August 9, 2011

reason 157 why i love day care!

hi friends

today i'm coming at ya with a day care story.
it's cute, so be prepared!

i was wearing this lovely headband the other day at day care.the day was like any other kids laughing, crying, whining, running, playing, and dirtying their diapers. when that happens its changing time, i was the fortunate one of the day so of i went with a nearly potty trained three year old. i popped her up on the change table, when

she says 'open it'
i reply 'open what?'
she says ' open the candy'
i ask ' what candy?'
pointing to my headband ' these candies'
laughing i say 'those aren't candies, they are flowers'
she assures me 'no, they are not! they are candies'

then off she went to wash her hands and play again.

i smiled and now every time i wear my headband i will think of her.

i hope that your week is turning out to be fantabulous!



  1. kids are so funny and innocent:) She SAW candy! lol:)

  2. cute! kids are so funny...and so smart!


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