August 11, 2011

date night & a recipe!

So Clint and I had a date night the other night.
It's been a while since it has just been the two of us.
We went out for supper.
mmm cactus cut appetizer* & iced tea!

i like taking pictures... i'm not the only one am i?
some times it drives Clint crazy but he smiles anyways.i love him a lot.

while we waited for our pizza we had a thumb war.and i won!

we headed to the movies afterwards and watched planet of the apes.
which surprisingly wasn't to bad.

* recipe for cactus cuts
3-4 potatoes
jar of jalapenos (keep the juice)
caeser salad dressing
sour cream
red pepper flakes
green onions

- thinly slice up potatoes
- pour jalapeno juice on potatoes
mix together:
- 3 parts caeser salad dressings to 1 part sour cream
- shake in some red pepper flakes
- slice up a green onion

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