August 17, 2011

did you know...

...that i am known for the goofy faces that i make
...that i am going vegitarian starting september 1
... that i only have three classes left till i graduate!!
...that i am lactose intolerant or something of the sort
...that i want five kids
... that i am an extrovert
... that i am canadian, eh!
...there fore i have a pet beaver and live in an igloo
...i have two middle names, sheila and rose after my great grandma's
...i love my crazy friends... that i grew up on a farm in the prairies and hated it as a kid but now i would never trade it for anything
...that i have a passion for africa
...that i have shaved my head
... that i want dreads
...that i wish i knew how to play guitar...that i want to be a teacher for children with special needs
...that i believe in miracles
...that i love micro photography


  1. You never told me you wanted to play guitar. I would have taught you... or played in a band with you!

  2. I will teach you geetar this year!


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