June 17, 2011

how to turn off word verification

Hi friends!!

Do you ever want to leave a comment and word verification pops up so you don't? It's very annoying! Or have you ever wondered why there aren't to many comments on your posts? May be because you have word verification on without even knowing it.

Here is how to fix it! I nabbed this from Ma Nouvelle Mode, check her out she is great.
Here is how easy it is. Log into Blogger and go to the settings tab, then the comments tab. Scroll down to the bottom. On the way down, you can change some things like word verification #justsayin, you can also personalize you comment message. The last one on there 'comment modification e-mail', just put your e-mail there. Yep, that's it. Now when you leave a comment on someone's blog they can respond in an e-mail! I hate when I go to reply and the e-mail is no-reply comment blogger! ugh! I want to tell you guys thanks!!

Here it is in pictures for all you visual learners.

From blogger home to settings

Then to the comments tab

Did I have word verification on?? Yikes, how embarrassing. Enter e-mail and save! Super easy!

See it's very simple and most people don't realize they have it on.. so go check!
Have a super fabulous weekend!


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