June 17, 2011

my life this week

Hello hello!!
This week has been great, had a bunch going but it was all wonderful.

{planted some basil, that my super sweet friend Bethy gave me}
{breakfast date}
{homemade latte}
{heart garland in the making... watch the shop}
{playing in the dirt with the kiddos}
{washing the mud off}
Happy Weekend!
What plans do you have? I'm excited to be visiting with a dear friend our only plans are to hit up the local thrift store!


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  1. So, I'm super weird, because I don't LIKE basil! I had a bunch growing in my yard and because I wasn't eating it, it literally TOOK OVER...so I had to pull it all out and I felt really guilty about it. Im super weird. Thanks for linking up!!! :)


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