June 2, 2011


Hi friends!!

A few weeks ago I went to visiting a good friend Kaila. It just so happened to be her birthday, she may have gotten this cuties, you can get them too, just click here.

You should go visit Kaila and see the amazing adventure that she is about to go on! She is truly trusting in the Lord to provide and if you are able to help her out please do.

Also want a chance to win these super cute bows? Check out this giveaway!



  1. You are by far the sweetest! I love our picture and I love that you referred people to my page! :) You mean so much to me my dear friend!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I need to let you know that we must think alike b/c I make bows like these for me and my little girl!! Vintage fabric and lace bows just like these!! how crazy is that?! love it!


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