June 21, 2011

sushi, pools & popcorn

Good morning dear friends!
How are ya doing this fine morning?
I will have a latte with cinnamon lightly sprinkled on top.
What are you having this morning?

Over coffee today I would be kinda on the giddy side because last night was date night! We headed to the city and had copious amounts of yummy sushi! It's kind of a date night must.first off sushi pizza?! what?! and i thought that the crabmeet was pretty funny.
Also if you are ever at a lose of what to do on a hot afternoon with kids, or kids at heart... kiddie pools are great!
especially when you try and get them to get their face wet by showing them how to do the motor boat.
Last night we looked around sugar mountain, which is an old train car turned into a candy shop! Super fun! And looky what I found! I thought pink popcorn had gone extinct. I never really liked the stuff but it still brings back memories.

Also I am now playing words with friends, if you play too start a game with me Abranconier. You will be sure to win because spelling is not my forte... at all.

Lastly be on the look out this week as I will be celebrating having 100 followers (better late than never right?)



  1. Mmm sushi sounds great, and that looks pretty yummy. I also play words with friends--HollyJean11, I will send ya a game today!

  2. sushi not so much for me but I love the idea of pink popcorn!!! I love all popcorn so yeah, pink would be fun!!!

    I also play words with friends!

    I am here from V. coffee btw!

  3. Shushi is great!!!

    Please pray for our city:


  4. Congrats on the 100 followers! That's awesome!


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