June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday a link up {1}

Hello hello friends!! I have been thinking lately about how there is so much discontent within my life. I see pretty things on pintrest that I so wish I had, or follow blog where the peoples life seem perfect in comparison to myself.
I want to break out of this and see all the people and things around me that I have been so richly blessed with.

So join with me and lets share what we have been blessed with each week or what we are thankful for that week. It can be big or small.
This will be a weekly link up.

The only rules I have is to be open minded and take note of all the little blessings in our lives.
If you wish to follow along so that you remember to link up that would be great.
You can snatch a button so that we can spread the word. Or you can link back in your post so that more people can join in.

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  1. We are thinking along the same lines lately! I too want to start a linky on my site and I just saw you post a link to your etsy shop on a site just as I was posting about your giveaway on the same site!


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