June 29, 2011

what i wore - snuggles, adventering & work

Summer is here!
It's very exciting.
For some reason, summer doesn't seem to arrive until kiddos are out of school.
(In Canada this is the first week of holidays for kiddos)
Although I have been done for two months and have two months left
it seems like the break is just starting now.

You may have noticed I don't really do the picture a day, in a mirror outfit posts.
I just find everyday life pictures are more fun.
So here are some get up from this past week.

we went exploring through the fields and looking at all the flood damage. we are walking on water in this picture. it just shows how much debris there is.

good morning sweet pea! ha i love the look that she is giving me.
life handmade CELEBRATE = 50% off.... go go go

on nice days i like to bike to work. its only a 10 min bike so its a nice way to start the day

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  1. You are way too cute! I love your "what i wore" posts! They make me smile... miss you from all the way across the ocean :)


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