June 8, 2011

Hot Dog, I'm excited!!

Hot dog am I ever excited!!
Look what came in the mail... yup yup my TOMS arrived!!
You should have seen the happy dance I had going on when I opened the box!! So excited about them, I seriously do not take them off!!
They fit so perfect and they go with everything!!
Win, win!
(I'm using so many exclamation marks, must mean am really pumped about these babies!!)the deets:
shoes: TOMS
pants: element
headband: life handmade
top: h&m

my very first link up at the pleated poppy!!



  1. So gorgeous! Are those the ash colored ones? I guess advertising works because yesterday I was surfing the net & clicked on a TOMS ad & no later than three minutes had ordered a pair myself. Along with my other impulse buy from a week previous (a neckerchief), I am well on my way to being a hipster... HA!

  2. Hey there...stopping by from The WIWW linky party. Very cute TOMS...I have been wanting a pair forever now but always talk myself out of a pair.

    Love the headband...I need to get me one. Very cute!



  3. I love toms! you picked a nice color. :) love the headband too, your shop is so cute!

  4. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Oh, I love my TOMS. I got the wedges for summer. Yours are so cute too. Did you know that they are doing eyewear now? I have to go buy a pair:)

  5. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Look at you, trending it up!! So fun for you!! Hey, what size are you.... ? hehehehe

  6. Fun! And I love the headband too! :)


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