April 3, 2012

best dates ever!!

hi there, jordyn here! i blog over at intangible goodness and, today, i am happy to bring you a little out-of-the-ordinary tutorial. i do a lot of crafts and little cooking but i didn't feel like writing a tutorial on those things -- mostly because i've been spending most of my time outside enjoying this beautiful weather. instead, this is a tutorial about dating -- which is just as good as food and crafts, if you ask me!

you may read my blog, you may not, but if you do, you know that dating my husband is my absolute favorite thing ever. in the whole world! i mean, what could be better than going on an adventure with your favorite person? nothing. even though i am no expert, i will totally pretend to be one in order to give you some great tips on having the best dates ever. 

and so, without further ado, i bring you: how to have the best dates ever!

1. keep it cheap!
my husband is in grad school. i'm a teacher. we really have no other choice. luckily, being cheap has forced us to use lots of creativity in coming up with dates. go to target with three bucks a piece and buy your spouse a surprise. make coffee to-go and watch the sunset. play scrabble in a park. explore a different part of town on foot. you just have to think outside the box!
 2. forget fancy dinners!
fancy dinners are overrated. ben and i had all these plans to go somewhere nice & expensive for our one year anniversary but the day of our fancy date, i was craving some greasy, cheesy fellini's pizza {my favorite pizza place}. so we had pizza & it was way more fun and relaxed! it's okay to forgo all the fanciness if it makes you happy!
3. get outside!
outside dates are our personal favorite for so many reasons. God made this lovely, beautiful earth for us to enjoy, so enjoy it! hiking, biking, picnics, running, walking, bonfire-ing, & any combination of those make awesome dates. plus, they're the most budget friendly kind of date and i like that.
4. stay at home dates!
staying at home can be fun, too! some great stay at home dates that we've done include a living room camp-out -- complete with a tent, an air mattress, a movie and cookies, a homemade pizza night which included a trip to the grocery store to buy all kinds of crazy toppings for our pizzas, and our living room picnic date with a spread of delicious bakery goods.
5. coffee dates!
easy peasy, right? head to your closest starbucks or local coffee joint and order your favorite drink. biscotti is a must!
happy dating, friends!

thank you so much for sharing jordyn!!
i will be sure to remember these once i am married in 82 days :)

be sure to stop by and say hi to the lovely jordyn 

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