April 20, 2012

smiles, green slime & truth

 this week....
 ...thought about this verse from sundays service
 .... drank a.l.o.t. of iced coffee
 ....made a green smoothie for supper one night
 ....ordered a pair of glasses like these
 ....instagramed marc (his life long goal hee hee)
.... instagramed his lovely wifey lynnette (one of my sweet bridesmaids)

and although i don't have a picture of it i completed my exams which means i am D.O.N.E. university! praise Jesus i made it through all for years.

if you wish to follow me on instagram my name is abranconier 
have a happy weekend!


  1. what a great week! congrats on finishing school :) that's a great feeling!
    I'm thinking it's time to start the iced coffee routine since it's finally warming up here!

  2. congrats!! super exciting!!




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