April 6, 2012

snip-its of my week

 goodness me it's friday already! 
happy good friday to you, hope you are enjoy the day off to reflect on what Christ has done 
and the reason we celebrate this amazing life altering holiday.

here are snip-its from my week!

it is getting closer and i am crossing things off my list of to-dos on a daily basis 
i am sooo excited!
 i took full advatage of the beautiful sunshiny days we had this week
i hear that the horrific white stuff is coming back in a few days and i am sooo not looking forward to it
 during a date this week we went to a conservatory and there was this sweet little hobbit house
made me grin
 mmm yes toms and mason jar travel cup 
(filled with oj to help me fight this cold i feel coming on)
what could be better on a sunny day?
just want to say hello to all you new instagramers out there!!
if you want to follow me i am abranconier
leave me a comment with your name so i can take a look at your pictures!

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