April 13, 2012

snap shots

 this past weekend clint and i made it to two of the three easter family gatherings we had happening.
this cutie patootie was looking super cute as she hunted for eggs.

1. making a baby blanket 2. the reason for easter! 3. little jello chicky hatched 4. all the nieces and nephews pause their hunt for a picture 5. fruit smoothie time 6. working on name tags for the seating arrangement at the wedding 7. my garlic seems to have been neglected 8. morning coffee while playing draw something 9. closest thing i'll get to a garden this year ( there is basil, oregano and red peppers growing in there)

buttons are always so cute when they are housed in jars.

there is a peek into my week!
if you want to see all my pictures you can follow me on instagram my name is: abranconier

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  1. hey there! i stumbled across your blog. i saw that you have a 25x25! i do too! congratulations on your engagement. i can't wait to see pictures of your wedding! you have a cute little blog going on here. :)



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