April 28, 2012

My garden!

So I planted my garden yesterday.

It needed to be portable since I'm moving in two months time. Also because I can't have a real garden at my new place, which makes me sad but at least I will have a few fresh things through out the summer.
I'm my mini garden I planted a variety of lettuces some radishes and in the herb planter there is chives, savory, and parsley. I'm very excited to have fresh lettuce salads instead of store bought stuff. (I could go on and on about store bought produce but I'll refrain, for now)

Just wanted to share this with you.
Do you garden? Do you wish you gardened? What are your favorite 'fresh from the garden' veggies? I would love to know!!

And here it is my portable garden!

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  1. Oh goodness, I would love to garden! I live in an apartment and have been looking for good ways to start a portable one. I would be really interested to see how this works out for you, how much soil you used for the different plants, etc. I have no idea how to go about this kind of stuff! :)


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