April 4, 2012


i love embroidery and needlework!
i love the texture and patterns and the endless ways that it can be shown off.
here are a few of my favorites that i have found over the last little while.

these pillows are absolutely stunning! (and would look great on my bed, a wedding gift perhaps?)
love how spring-y this bloom hoop art is!
i am a huge fan of feathers and these are no exception!love the simplicity, yet constant reminder of God's faithfulnesssomeday i will learn how to make all of these pretties...someday....


  1. I completely agree!! I love embroidery and hoop arts especially!

  2. I'm loving hoop art lately! I need to make some for the guest room :)

  3. I love embroidery...I'm not the best at it, but I like to try different things. All of these are so lovely!

  4. i would love to be able to embroider that well.. i'm loving that last little hoop art in the frame. :)


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