April 28, 2012

i'm a big kid now!

 this past week has been rather eventful if i do say so myself. 
i did this little thing called graduate.
i was super duper excited, nervous, happy, excited, sad, relieved, and excited. 
i managed to make it through four years of post secondary school a.l.i.v.e.
the scariest part is that i can totally see myself going back for more education.

this guy was been an amazing mentor over the last four years. 
thank you dr. john mcneill for putting up with me over the last four years.
 my love got me graduation flowers.
i love tulips!
after pretty much the entire campus evacuated there were a few of us left who happen to be staying for the summer. so we had supper and then played mad gab with accents, 
so much fun! so many laughs!
at the grad banquet i ate a cranberry, 
or at least tried to.
i also worked on some wedding stuff this week.
can you tell what this will be?

what did you do this week?
i would love to know.

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  1. congrats on graduating! that's such a great feeling of accomplishment :) enjoy being done!


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