March 21, 2013

baby shower!

my sweet sweet friend lynnette hosted a baby shower for my sweet little peanut! 
we were truly blessed and i had a fantastic time with friends.

the hosting getting some last minute things together while we wait for the last guests to arrive.

the girls had to guess how big around i am with string then we actually measured me, all but one of my friends guessed i was bigger than i was! thanks girls hee hee. 

playing a game of... i dunno what it's called but it was fun. 

 so blessed!

baby belly and pillow belly!


  1. so fun! love the sash they had you wear :)

  2. Sorry I couldn't make it Amber...nephew's birthday plus a promise of bad roads made it impossible for me to make it anywhere. I'd love to send you a gift. Is there something in particular you are needing or wanting? I will send it out your way.


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