March 1, 2013

hello march

hello march! 

i have been anticipating your arrival for a long time now, 8 months to be exact. 

now that you are here it's hard to believe.

this month is not only baby month but the month my sweet hubby turns a quarter of a century, my grandma turns 70, sweet peanuts due date also happens to be my uncles birthday, spring arrives, we remember that Christ died so that we may live, snow melts, days are longer and the sun shines more. 

march i want to enjoy each of your days as they are the last days that clint and i will be just the two of us, i want to embrace the amazing change that will be happening in our lives and i want to enjoy these last days of feeling baby kicks and hiccups. 

happy baby month and happy sunny day! 


  1. Happy baby month to you, Mama! It's so exciting the end is so near :)

  2. What an exciting month for you! And yay for spring coming!


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