March 15, 2013

moments, joys & worries

 it's been a bit quiet around these parts lately. that wasn't my plan.
we have been busy: celebrating birthdays, visiting family and friends before baby arrives, celebrating easter,  doctor appointments, i've been wrapping things up at work and trying to rest and get my swollen feet up.

my hubba hubba husband turned 25 last week. since we've been married he has insisted that our kitchen be adorned with a rooster. every kitchen must have a rooster apparently. these are the things i am learning. so for his birthday i got him his very own kitchen rooster, from here. he has yet to be named.

since this sweet babe in my womb is due to arrive easter weekend we celebrated early with clints family. the kiddos had a blast searching for there treasures. this cute little, creepy guy was in one of the eggs. wind him up and he'll go for dayyyz!

i was a hot mess from tuesday afternoon til thursday morning. i had a doctors appointment and there were a few concerns. my mind was racing imagining ever horrible possibility. after my appointment i went to starbucks, then my mom called me and i was a big ball of tears in the middle of the mall. i cried a lot in those few hours. the uncertainty which lead to worry was eating me up!


thursday morning came and i got to see this sweet face. 
huge hot tears steamed down my face as i got to see my sweet baby sucking its thumb, sticking its tongue out at us, and getting to see that little heart beat. 
everything was perfect. 
there was no reason for worry, it was a false alarm.
praise the Lord. 
and those squishy kissy lips. 
come. on. 
my heart is a puddle! 

i was giddy all day after getting to see my healthy babe. i put my feet up and crochet a bit. it's been a long while since i've pulled out my hook and yarn. hopefully i'll get this little cocoon done before baby comes.   

later in the eve some friends and i went out for a date. 
such fun.
such a blessing!

this was my real life this week.
the everyday moments, joys, and worries.

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  1. haha love the rooster deal. and glad your sweet baby is ok :)

  2. Oh man! Sometimes being pregnant is so stressful! So glad everything turned out ok with the ultrasound stuff. Love the kissy-face baby lips! I'm going to hop over to Instagram and find you, hope that's not as creepy as it sounds! :)

  3. this is so great.
    thanks for sharing these moments.
    i'm so glad your little one is thumbsuckin and healthy!
    so sweet!

  4. Praise God for false alarms!


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