March 5, 2013

36 weeks & wishing for spring

let's have a date, a coffee date.

but did you know that i would probably get an iced beverage because i have this really cute built on furnace that is keeping me extra toasty.   

did you know that i am ready for spring? i am ready for the snow to be gone, for flowers to start blooming, for the sun to shine, the breeze to be warm. i am ready for puddling jumping, evening walks were i can still feel my legs once i get home. 

did you know that my sweet babe is 37 weeks which means full term! i don't think i have been so anxious in my life! i just want to meet this sweet peanut that has taken over my midsection! here are some thoughts about what week 36. 

did you know that you can see what people are guessing sweet peanut will be, when the babes birthday will be and how big it will be? you can also make your guesses here there will be a fun prize in it for the winner that guesses the closest! 

did you know that i'm getting dreadlocks soon?! my sweet hubs says i'll look like medusa when i'm in labor. he is probably right. i have never been attached to my hair, it's just hair, it will grow back. i have posted about it before >> here.

what about you?! 
are you sipping hot coffee/tea or slurping us ice cold lemonade?
is it spring like where you are? i am so jealous if it is!
if you've had a baby were you early, late or on time? did the anticipation kill you like it's killing me?
have you popped over to make your guesses about my sweet little peanut?
are you attached to your hair? would you ever get a drastic do?

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  1. I would have some hot chocolate because it is snowing right now :) I try not to be attached to my hair...but I am! I'm off to make my baby predictions! Oh, and you look great :)

  2. My first was a week early and even then I was itching for him to come out! I'm sure this next one will make me pay by staying in a week longer. LOL. Thanks for linking up!

  3. oh, you are just adorable pregnant! it might sounds crazy to you right now being so close to your due date, but one day you will miss that belly! it is so exciting close to the end, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! and i think you would be so cute with dreads, i love them on other people but don't think i could pull them off! thanks for coffee this morning!

  4. Hello, I'm stopping by from the link up. OMG I can so relate to how you are feeling. I am 9 days away from my due date and ssssooooo ready to hold my son in my arms not my belly!!

    Best of luck to you, I hope that your little one arrives right on time or a little before.

  5. You are carrying very similar to me when I was prego with LP. I went to almost 41 weeks. I was 40 weeks on the 20th, and he was born the 25th. :)

    I cannot picture you with dreadlocks! I guess I'll get to see soon though! ;) It's not something I would ever do, but you're right, it's just hair!


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