March 25, 2013

link love

 made this super yummy olive garden copy cat zuppa toscana  for supper last week. simple and delish!

i have been looking up ways to style my new locks, i really like this one.

my life is about to change forever and always in a very drastic way. i would love to have this print hanging on my wall because of the amazing truth it speaks.

next easter i would really love to make this resurrection garden as a visual reminder of why we celebrate.

although it is officially spring the weather here in manitoba is still cold, snowy, and the air is dry! this lemon body scrub is something i am going to try out. i can only imagine how glorious it will smell and how amazing my skin will feel afterwards. (does skin go back to normal after pregnancy?! please say yes!)

danielle does it again! this lady is so talented and so sweet. she made four free printables, hello! they are simply inspiring. 

i needed to read this.

linking up my random link love here.


  1. Love that garden! Looks so nice as a centerpiece idea to constantly remind ourselves about the season! Also- I think I'm going to have to try that soup!

  2. YES. Skin goes back to normal. I got horribly irritated, dry hands with Judah (well, with all my pregnancies), and normally I have anything but dry hands. With his pregnancy, I noticed my hands had healed up HOURS after giving birth. HOURS! No more dry itchy. It was done. (And thanks for the link love. :)

  3. great links! can't wait to checkout the printables :)

  4. totally loving that resurrection garden, thanks for posting the link to it!!

  5. Thanks for the recipe link. My husband loves that soup, so I forwarded the recipe to him. :)


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