March 18, 2013


 so this happened! 
(i look a little uncertain but i was not)
i have been wanting and planning on getting dreads since i was 14 or 15. two things that i wanted to do with my hair is shave it, donate it and dread it. well i shaved it off almost five years ago exactly. i figured if i shaved it off i wanted to do it for a good cause so i donated my locks. i also knew that dreading your hair is a major commitment and one that can (unfortunately) effect where you are able to get work. so i knew that the perfect time to get my hair dreaded was once i was at home with a little one. well that time has come! it also happens that i have a friend who is a talented hair dresser and knows how to dreadlock hair, so i didn't have to just not shower and be gross. i did have to sit on my butt for almost 8 hours but that is better than not showering and i took bathroom breaks. i am pregnant after all!
i really like how they turned out. i was expecting my hair to be a.l.o.t. shorter but a lot of the length stayed. now i just wax and roll for a while until they are more permanently locked. the wax smells very manly but my hubs is thankful that it doesn't smell like dirty, sweaty man. he was totally cool with letting me get my hair dreaded, i also told him before we were married that it was in my plans to do so, so he had fair warning.

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