March 22, 2013

little joys: daffodils, sunshine & friends

what a week!
it was my first week off for 'mat leave' but thechnically i'm just on holidays since i had the time banked up. knowing that i am a social person and n.e.e.d. to get out of the house on an almost daily basis i had planned some dates with friends. well i live in manitoba and the weather is anything but predictable! of course we had a blizzard sunday night and monday which caused me to be house bound, boo! we and were also praying that sweet little peanut would stay warm and cozy inside because going to the hospital would not have been fun.

tuesday the sun decided to peek out a bit but plans got cancelled again because the roads hadn't been cleared and schools were still closed. i didn't want to risk driving around on crazy roads if i didn't have too. it was nice to have the sun kiss my toes in the afternoon as i crochet on the couch. my morning had been filled with nesting and cleaning and nesting and cleaning, i didn't mind. 

 wednesday was the first day of spring but by golly it sure didn't feel that way. we had a lovely -24 celsius. complete opposite of this same time last year when it was in the +20's. so to celebrate spring i got out of the house, thank you Jesus, i was going loopy! i went to my old college and visited with friends that i hadn't seen in what seems like for-evah! it was so great to reconnect before life gets super hectic around here. i then headed to town and went flower shopping with a friend. it was just what the doctor ordered. i needed this little bit of spring on a not so springy day!

thursday i had my weekly doctor appointment it was the fastest ever! i was in and out in less than 5 mins, that never happens! baby is happy and healthy, which makes for a happy momma. i just need to keep preparing myself that it is very likely that i will go past my due date. that is usually how these things work out. i also know that God's timing is the best timing. he knows the whole story and i need to trust Him.

 after my appointment i finally got my bestie day! it was great. she treated me to a pedi, which i squirm so much at, i have such sensitive feet, but it felt great to have my toes looking so pretty and springy afterwards. she had to skip along to class for a bit so i headed to the mall to walk and walk and walk (come on baby). i did a wee bit of shopping as well, then sat and enjoyed some starbucks. i was the youngest one there, i guess it was the time of day?! but everyone else there was 50+ easily! after alana was done class i headed back to her place and we put a dread in her hair, with a glass bead! it turned out super sweet.

it's been a good week, started out crazy ended up great! i'm pretty thankful for the technologies of phones with cameras so that i can capture these moments and reflect on the weeks and days past.

all these pics are on my instagram you can follow along if you like my name on there is amberenns.

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  1. So exciting that you're almost there...good luck!


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