April 30, 2011

bath time

Good day good day friends!!

It's the weekend! What does everyone have planned or not planned? Sometimes not planning is the best way to go... spontaneity.

With it being Saturday that means its snap shot day over at Yellow Song Bird. I am linking up a picture of my...dog?! My dear Callie looks more like a poor drowned rat. This is what she looks like after a bath. She has high self-esteem....I hope.

Everyone have a fantastic day and weekend! I've gotta go get me ready for some 'boyfriends extended family breakfast time' should be fun I've met them a few times they all know my name and I can't remember theirs. Oh ya and Clint isn't coming because he has to work..... ahh!


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  1. Sounds like a fun breakfast ;) Hope it went well!

    Callie is a cuuuuutie! Our Benny looks rather similar after a bath, but he hates baths with a passion!


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